Tuesday, November 4, 2014

39 weeks

I can't believe the time is here! November 8th, is just around the corner and I'm ready for it! It's been a surreal feeling thinking that in the next day (or couple of weeks), a baby would be mine! Who would have thunk it? I'm hoping that she comes this week as the fatigue of pregnancy is really getting to me. My inner self tells me that baby is still brewing a little while longer, as much as I wish it weren't true. Last week I was still dilated to a 1 with 0 effacement. I'm thinking that at my appointment tomorrow, there will be no changes in news.
I had contractions pretty consistently Sunday night, (I've never been so excited about cramps in my life)! But then I woke up and they were completely gone. So frustrating!!  I guess this is a way to prepare me for sleepless nights. :)

Energy: I was beginning to feel a little better with the energy issue, but the night of contractions every hour took a toll on me. I guess another sign that the baby might be a ways out since nesting hasn't hit. 

Weight Gain: 35 pounds

Back Pain: Considering my baby is all up front, my back pain has not been bad. (Thank you yoga ball)!

Pregnancy Love: The last couple of weeks has given me the chance to think about how little time I have left with her so close! She will never be as close to my heart as she is right now!!

Pregnancy Hate: The ligaments stretching down under is super uncomfortable. I never believed women when they informed that they felt like a baby was hanging out. I now understand what they mean.

Movements: Sometimes I worry that I don't feel her as much but then have to remind myself that she doesn't have a lot of room to move! Her movements are generally smaller until I sit down at night. . .in which case my entire stomach is jumping around.

Belly Button: It's definitely out and showing it's pretty self.

Cravings: I'll be honest, the past couple of weeks I've enjoyed not caring what I eat!! I just continue to eat all day and enjoy the last little bit of having an excuse to eat foods that are horrible for me!

Stretch Marks: None yet

Emotions: I've been exceptionally emotional the past couple of weeks! I know I've cried multiple times and have definitely been grumpy. (I'm sorry Joseph! Thanks for being such a good sport)!

Ready or not, baby girl will be arriving soon!

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