Tuesday, November 4, 2014

39 weeks

I can't believe the time is here! November 8th, is just around the corner and I'm ready for it! It's been a surreal feeling thinking that in the next day (or couple of weeks), a baby would be mine! Who would have thunk it? I'm hoping that she comes this week as the fatigue of pregnancy is really getting to me. My inner self tells me that baby is still brewing a little while longer, as much as I wish it weren't true. Last week I was still dilated to a 1 with 0 effacement. I'm thinking that at my appointment tomorrow, there will be no changes in news.
I had contractions pretty consistently Sunday night, (I've never been so excited about cramps in my life)! But then I woke up and they were completely gone. So frustrating!!  I guess this is a way to prepare me for sleepless nights. :)

Energy: I was beginning to feel a little better with the energy issue, but the night of contractions every hour took a toll on me. I guess another sign that the baby might be a ways out since nesting hasn't hit. 

Weight Gain: 35 pounds

Back Pain: Considering my baby is all up front, my back pain has not been bad. (Thank you yoga ball)!

Pregnancy Love: The last couple of weeks has given me the chance to think about how little time I have left with her so close! She will never be as close to my heart as she is right now!!

Pregnancy Hate: The ligaments stretching down under is super uncomfortable. I never believed women when they informed that they felt like a baby was hanging out. I now understand what they mean.

Movements: Sometimes I worry that I don't feel her as much but then have to remind myself that she doesn't have a lot of room to move! Her movements are generally smaller until I sit down at night. . .in which case my entire stomach is jumping around.

Belly Button: It's definitely out and showing it's pretty self.

Cravings: I'll be honest, the past couple of weeks I've enjoyed not caring what I eat!! I just continue to eat all day and enjoy the last little bit of having an excuse to eat foods that are horrible for me!

Stretch Marks: None yet

Emotions: I've been exceptionally emotional the past couple of weeks! I know I've cried multiple times and have definitely been grumpy. (I'm sorry Joseph! Thanks for being such a good sport)!

Ready or not, baby girl will be arriving soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

37 weeks

The time is almost here! I can't believe it. 3 more weeks. . .maybe 5 and I will officially have the title of mom. I don't know if I'm more excited or scared; half of me thinks "ignorance is bliss" and the other half is reading everything I can get my hands on. Joseph has been so sweet and helpful the entire time. He states that he isn't nervous but I think he's putting on a brave-face for me.

I feel like I have been blessed with a fairly easy pregnancy. I don't know that I want to continue for another 40 weeks, but I think I will miss the bump and constant companionship of my sweet little one. There's something really special knowing that you have produced, grown and nurtured a life.

I was able to do a fundraising walk yesterday for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. I'm definitely not in the same shape I was 40 weeks ago, and I definitely waddled the second half. I was ready to sit down after the walk, but was so grateful that this far into pregnancy I could still be outside enjoying life.

Here are some updates:

Energy: I have struggled sleeping the past week. I seem to wake up around 3 and then toss and turn until 6. I can't complain considering it's only been the last week.

Weight Gain: 30 pounds

Back Pain: If I've been standing for a long time I will feel it, but otherwise not too bad.

Pregnancy Love: Her sweet little hiccups are just precious. I feel so bad because she gets them all of the time. It's a reminder that she is real baby and not some creature moving inside of me. :)

Pregnancy Hate: The cankles (or however you spell it) are a constant thing. I sit on a yoga ball at work and never elevate my feet. By the end of the day, my ankles are non-existent. 

Movements: I love feeling her throughout the day. My stomach knots up with most of her movements-I guess because she's so big now.

Belly Button: It's definitely out and showing it's pretty self.

Cravings: Ice cream. I feel like I deserve it every night. 

Stretch Marks: None yet

Emotions: No overall changes in emotions.

I can't wait to meet this sweet little one!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

31 weeks

The time is getting closer and I'm beginning to panic more! Baby's arrival is becoming more and more real. Joseph and I attended a birth class yesterday and came out with our eyes bigger and maybe more concerned. I'm definitely glad we did it, but I may be more terrified for labor now than I was. (I hated my labor and delivery rotation and this just brought me back to it). I'm trying to tell myself that my birth experience is going to be different than all of those that I saw, and to realize that I don't have to watch what's coming out of me. 

I just had my 30 week appointment where I was measuring on track at 31 weeks. Her heartbeat was strong at 140 bpm, and had already rotated! (I hope she stays that way).

Energy: My energy has picked up the last couple of weeks. I'm still constantly tired, but I was that way prior to pregnancy so I've decided it is my norm. 

Weight Gain: 25 lbs! I hate it but keep telling myself that it is completely normal!

Back Pain: It has improved the past couple of weeks. I haven't had to use a heating pad and do my typical activities without much discomfort! I'm sure it will get worse again, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the break!

Pregnancy Love: I still love feeling her move inside of me. It's so often that I get the reminder that I have a living human inside of me. It helps me feel more bonded to her and realize that I will be holding her before I know it.

Pregnancy Hate: I had cancles (I'm not sure how you spell it). We were in Missouri and walking a lot. I got home at the end of the day and noticed that I no longer had ankles. Not my most favorite moment. 

Movements: She is moving around and I can actually see her move across my belly. Joseph loves being able to watch my stomach move and feeling her little hard bum. She has liked chilling under my right rib as of lately. I can't say I love it, but haven't figured out how to make her move. 

Belly Button: It's still level with my skin and I'm not needing a band aid to cover it yet!

Cravings: I have wanted ice cream and root beer floats like crazy! Every night it has been a constant need. (No wonder I've gained weight). :)

Stretch Marks: None yet

Emotions: I feel a little bit more level headed than I did. No large crying fests that I can remember. :)

So excited to meet our little girl. . .but she can take her time. I'm not ready for her yet. ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cruisin' Life

Joseph and I had the most wonderful time on our Caribbean Cruise in June. We had been planning and deciphering for months prior on what we wanted to do on our last vacation. . .or if we should even take it? We are so grateful that we decided to do one more hoorah before life became more complicated!

Both he and I had been on cruises in the past with our families but it had been a while. We wanted to go somewhere new. (I love Mexico but just wasn't feeling it this time). St Lucia was one island that really struck my interest mainly because of the Pitons. We debated about doing  an inclusive resort there but are so grateful that we opted for the cruise. (I think we both would have become bored just staying at one place and wanted to see more). The cruise ended up being perfect. We had enough relaxation, adventure and entertainment to keep us happy.

Puerto Rico
We arrived a day early to Puerto Rico as we wanted a chance to see this island. We were exhausted after our flights and sadly may have taken a nap in our room for a couple of hours. We wanted to try authentic Puerto Rican food and took the advice to try a local restaurant and try Mofongo. Joseph ordered it while I went the simple route with fish. I completely missed out because it was delicious!!!! We've acquired some recipes and will hopefully be attempting to recreate it at home.

Our hotel was in a downtown area but was only 1.5 miles from old town. We decided to walk over. . .not the brightest idea. It was so hot and we were so tired!! The end result was worth it, but next time we'll take a cab. :) We visited San Cristobal Castle and ventured through some of the shops.

The Carnival Valor

We had so much fun on the cruise. . .I was lost most of the time (surprise, surprise). Joseph navigated his way through the ship without issues of course. There was so much to do including swimming, food, mini golf, ice cream, shows, ice cream, trivia, ice cream, live music, ice cream and movies by the pool. I wish we had more energy for all of the activities (I'm sure the endless stops at the soft serve ice cream machine didn't help). Yes, we were pleasantly happy.

St Thomas
This island was just beautiful and I loved seeing all of the sail boats in the bay. We wandered around town a little bit and then took a tour up the mountains to see the views and even learn about pirates. 


We were planning on walking to the beach and having a lazy day here. We started on our walk when a guy stopped us (we were getting used to this). He offered to ride us to the beach and back with a little tour in between. We took him up on the offer. I feel awful now that I don't remember his name and as soon as I do, I will add him in. He was the sweetest kindest man and we enjoyed talking to him and a little sad that he was working so hard to push our lazy bums around town. The beach was beautiful and the water so nice! 

St Lucia
This was the island that I most wanted to see and it was beautiful. The pitons were everything I expected! We booked a land/sea tour with the ship (one of the only tours I could do pregnant), where we took a bus tour through the island and were able to stop at the botanical gardens. We also got to go on a catamaran and circle the outskirts of the island. So very beautiful!!!!



 St. Kitts
I'm going to be honest, we were really tired when we made it to this island. We didn't book a tour and it was a million degrees outside. We walked around the shops and spoke with the people a little bit, but eventually went back to the ship and played around by the pool. We heard that the snorkeling was amazing on this island and probably should have taken advantage of it. It seemed so quaint and charming and I now regret not doing more. Because of our laziness, the pictures were sparse here.

St. Martin
This was by far our favorite island. The views were spectacular and the beaches were beautiful. We walked along the board walk and through the shops with the end stop being a relaxing day at the beach. I loved watching people on the jet skis and just sitting back and reading a magazine. I could have stayed there for hours longer, but Joseph can only do a few hours at a time at the beach. I was soaking it up, despite what my white skin depicted!

 It was so hard to come back home but we loved every minute of our last vacation with just the two of us. We met some great friends and are grateful for the time together. Hopefully it won't be our last!